WRE: Robotics at School (Transversal Themes)

  1. Cooperative Learning in Robotics Teacher Formative Assessment strategy integrated with Brazilian National High School Exam - ENEM: How the Digital Pedagogy can build a bridge between curricula and projects
    Mario Minami, André Takahata, André Ponchet, Denis Fantinato, Tiago Oliveira, Thays Braga, Celso Setsuo Kurashima
  2. Educational Robotics as a Motivational Tool for the English Teaching-Learning Process for Children
    Maria Verónica Segovia, Anderson Souza
  3. Educational robotics insertion in high schools to promote environmental awareness about E-waste
    Gustavo Teixeira, Lucas Bremm, Alexandre Roque
  4. Project Edubot: Teaching Robotics to High School Students
    Roberto Baptista